Singer Sewing Machine- Electric Singer AJ256959 Model 128

Singer has always been a popular sewing machine manufacturer. While the company now offers an extensive range of electric sewing machine in India, its vintage models are also great for someone looking for a classy, solid machine. This post will talk about one such model- Electric Singer AH256959 Model 128.

Singer is one of the most popular sewing machine manufacturers in India. The company has been manufacturing sewing machines for several years and offers an extensive range of models for professionals and hobbyists. While the electric sewing machine price in India has fallen considerably in the past decade, several hobbyists still prefer using the older models from the brand.

If you are searching for a classic electric machine from the brand, Electric Singer AJ256959 Model 128 from the 1950s can be a great option. While Singer doesn’t sell these vintage models anymore, there are online platforms where you buy them from other users.


The machine comes pre-fitted with an add-on motor, solid hand wheel, spotlight, and can be mounted in a portable case. Like the classy machines from Singer, this machine too, has a flat black finish to put off shine and reflection.

It comes with the original bentwood case and a green box with needles, attachments, accessories, bobbins and a screwdriver. You can also lock the case of the machine with the included key. It functions flawlessly and would be a perfect pick for any hobbyist who loves working on the classy, solid electric sewing machine in India.

Relive the Past

Sewing is a lot more than just a hobby for a lot of people, especially people who have been sewing for several years. Many of these hobbyists prefer using the classic vintage models as compared to the modern machines as it allows them to relive the past. If you are one such hobbyist, this Electric Singer AJ256959 Model 128 from the 1950s is definitely an excellent choice.

While sewing has gone through a lot of progressive changes in the recent past, this machine by Singer is undoubtedly a prized jewel if you can get hands on one. Or you can look for Artisan Machines from the brand too.

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How to Setup a Sewing Machine?

If you have bought the best sewing machine for yourself and are confused about how to set it up properly, your confusion is completely understandable. It’s understandable that you must be totally unaware about what all one should do in order to set up their sewing machine. As such, we have explained everything you need to know about setting up a sewing machine, one step at a time, so that you can do it all on your own.

Plug it

Pull out the cable and plug it inside the machine and then the socket. Keep the pedal on the floor and at a position where your foot could easily reach it whenever you sit on the chair for sewing. Do note that you have to keep your machine off during the whole procedure to avoid any accident.

Attach the Needle

If the needle is already attached, then you can ignore this part but usually, that’s not the case. So, to insert a needle, first put it in the hole and then twist the knob. Make sure you tighten up the knob completely, otherwise you will break the needle when the machine starts.

Attach Presser Foot

Presser foot is the surface under the needle that holds your fabric and guides the needle to stitch wherever you want to. Usually, there are different types of presser feet for various stitching styles but initially, you should choose the standard style. Once you have chosen the standard foot, raise the bar with the help of the lever on your right and insert the foot under the needle. After that, lower down the lever and your presser foot will be fixed.

These are the three steps you need to follow to setup your sewing machine. You can follow the same steps to setup your Singer embroidery machine with the help of Singer sewing machine accessories. Also, this method is for the standard machinery available in the market. So if you have bought a high-tech sewing machine with different features, it’s recommended to consult the dealer itself so that you don’t face any problem while setting it up. Most of the stores nowadays give you a demo on how to set it and even send an executive at home to set it up for you and teach you how to do it.