How to Setup a Sewing Machine?

If you have bought the best sewing machine for yourself and are confused about how to set it up properly, your confusion is completely understandable. It’s understandable that you must be totally unaware about what all one should do in order to set up their sewing machine. As such, we have explained everything you need to know about setting up a sewing machine, one step at a time, so that you can do it all on your own.

Plug it

Pull out the cable and plug it inside the machine and then the socket. Keep the pedal on the floor and at a position where your foot could easily reach it whenever you sit on the chair for sewing. Do note that you have to keep your machine off during the whole procedure to avoid any accident.

Attach the Needle

If the needle is already attached, then you can ignore this part but usually, that’s not the case. So, to insert a needle, first put it in the hole and then twist the knob. Make sure you tighten up the knob completely, otherwise you will break the needle when the machine starts.

Attach Presser Foot

Presser foot is the surface under the needle that holds your fabric and guides the needle to stitch wherever you want to. Usually, there are different types of presser feet for various stitching styles but initially, you should choose the standard style. Once you have chosen the standard foot, raise the bar with the help of the lever on your right and insert the foot under the needle. After that, lower down the lever and your presser foot will be fixed.

These are the three steps you need to follow to setup your sewing machine. You can follow the same steps to setup your Singer embroidery machine with the help of Singer sewing machine accessories. Also, this method is for the standard machinery available in the market. So if you have bought a high-tech sewing machine with different features, it’s recommended to consult the dealer itself so that you don’t face any problem while setting it up. Most of the stores nowadays give you a demo on how to set it and even send an executive at home to set it up for you and teach you how to do it.


Sewing Units: Empowering Women Through Skill Building

Women empowerment is one of the leading movements in India spearheaded by the government and several non-profit organizations together. In our country, women have not only had to face discrimination and inequality but they have often been left with no sources to fend for themselves.

This is largely due to a lack of formal education, inability to gain exposure to the modern world and the constraint of women in many cases to only doing household chores.


It was understood that in order to empower women, it was necessary to give them either formal education or some form of vocational training. Only such steps would help elevate their status in society as they would then become earning members of the nation and be able to fend for themselves. In many cases, women were either past the age of receiving formal education or had too many familial responsibilities to undertake such a massive task.

In such a situation, the development of vocational skills in women was imperative. Many women, especially those in rural areas were given opportunities to develop several skills which they either were interested in or already knew the basics of.

The solution and how it helped

Sewing units were one of the major solutions that organizations could finalize upon. Many women already possessed sewing and embroidery skills or were interested in learning. So, sewing units were thought of as a viable solution.

Several units were set up with industrial sewing machines in India in order to train women as well as allow them to make a profit out of what they make. Several businesses have also begun to outsource their designing and sewing needs to such units.

There are also organizations which source only from such units run for the empowerment of women and in order to build both their confidence as well as make them financially independent. This allows them to have a regular source of income without having to worry about wandering too far off their comfort levels.

Sewing Units and the advantages

Several reputed organizations and corporate have begun to contribute to such initiatives. We, at Singer India too, well known for our quality industrial sewing machines in India as well as Singer sewing machine accessories have set up such units for the empowerment of women.

These units then also allow these women to work without having to worry about their children as there are daycare facilities as well.

Women earn with all their limitations expunged; a whole world now open for them.

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