How Skill Development Can Empower Women in India?

Skill development is integral to improving the contribution to labor in a country. But while skill development opportunities for men in India have increased considerably in the last decade, the opportunities for women are yet to make any considerable improvements. Let us have a look at how skill development can empower women in India.

Skill development can be defined as an important instrument which helps in improving the contribution and effectiveness of labor in the overall production of a country. While the workforce participation rate (WPR) of men in India stands at 73.2%, the participation of women is only 31.8%.

Skill Development Opportunities in India

Skill development can be defined as an important instrument which helps in improving the contribution and effectiveness of labor in the overall production of a country. While the workforce participation rate (WPR) of men in India stands at 73.2%, the participation of women is only 31.8%.

Skill Development Opportunities in India

As per a study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute, India can increase its GDP by almost $2.9 trillion by 2025, if the workforce participation of women is increased by 10%. However, there are a number of challenges when it comes to increasing the WPR of women in India. And one of the leading challenges is the shortage of skill development opportunities.

Even though the Government of India has implemented several measures to provide women with skill development opportunities, the results are far below the expectations. Apart from Government, an increasing number of companies too, are contributing to the cause, like Singer’s women empowerment program by Singer India.

Importance of Empowering Women

It is with skill development that poverty can be reduced by increasing employability and productivity while also helping sustainable development of enterprises. With better employment skills, high productivity cycle is activated, and newer opportunities for growing income can be achieved.

Skill development opportunities for women are also very important for addressing the challenges and opportunities for meeting the newer demands of the changing economy of India as well as modern technologies with respect to globalization.

With increasing need of a workforce with employable skills, it is with skill development opportunities that women can be empowered in the country. Along with the Government, it is also very important for companies in India to provide skill development and employment opportunities to women as it is integral for the overall development of the country.

While companies, like Singer India, are playing their part by focusing on programs like singer’s women empowerment, other companies should also take the initiative to promote women empowerment and provide them with better employment opportunities.

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Things you must consider while purchasing Sewing machines in India

While purchasing sewing machines in India, we come across several questions. These questions and doubts must be cleared before purchases these machines. You can go through various sewing machine experts for solutions of these problems. Here we are telling you some major aspects you must go through before you opt for purchasing any machine:


  • Go for the best machine you can afford:

You can simply consider as an investment like you do with the good camera or bike. Just assure the best quality parts within the range of your affordability. In case you are new into this, then you must not go for an expensive sewing machine just for getting started. You can perhaps borrow a sewing machine from your friend or relative for the training purpose. This is because buying an expensive machine for needless purpose can just be a waste of money and can make your learning experience bad.

  • Purchase from dealers in spite of big chain stores:

When you opt to buy sewing machines India from dealers, then you will also get assistance, advice and experience along with the procurement. They can also guide you with all features of the machine and teach you the best methods to clean and maintain your machine.

This can help you up with the initial pressure that you will get while purchasing and choosing the best one for you. You can have experience from the used machines which you can get from those dealers and this will give you exact imagination about the working capacity of your new machines.

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  • Get a test drive:

Before buying the sewing machine India you should try it out. Just a little time spent with these machines can rest assure you the brilliance of the machine. You will get the exact idea of smoothness of machine, noise and the ease of access to the machines.

Once you get the exact film in your mind of the then you can easily estimate what other add-ons you will need for the primary machine.


  • Get a machine you actually need: neither big nor small

You should be clear in your mind that what you actually need for. You must have a list of features that you want on your machine like knee bar, adjustable pressure, automatic buttonhole or freehand system.

You must buy a machine with which you can grow up and get a learning experience.You must consider what you are planning with the machine and what you hope in the machine.

  • Verdict:

Buying sewing machines in India is really a tough task. So it needs a little assistance at the time of purchasing. One must go through all the above process before purchasing the sewing machines. Buying a ‘best’ sewing machine is clearly a state of mind and it varies from person to person. Because some use it for professional purpose , while some use it at home, so you need to make a feature list of what you want to have on your new sewing machine.

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The availability of Sewing Machines in India

Sewing machines are highly useful both for individuals as well as companies. These can be used for a variety of purposes, such as stitching buttons on your shirt or trousers, stitching big garments. Stitching machines available a decade ago were much larger in size. Today’s sewing machines are extremely compact in size.

Sewing machine price in India is highly variable. Lowest prices start close to Rs 800 and go up to Rs 10000 and more. Different brands of sewing machines are also found here. Some of these brands are Singer, Usha, Merritt, Gold Dust, Benison India, MK, Tailor’s Choice and Sumi. Most of these brands are available online, at a variety of prices.


Major functions of sewing machines

Different functions of sewing machines are as follows:

  • Rolled hemming
  • Blind stitch hemming
  • Zip fixing
  • Four step button holing
  • Stretch stitching

One of the major advantages of today’s   machines is that they are lightweight and easy to carry. The carrying handle also makes it easy to move it around. On an average, you will get a warranty of about 2 years.

Singer has a wide range of products available online. You can take a look at the complete list of sewing machines made by this company. The Singer sewing machine price list is as follows:

Singer Model


Singer Tailor Deluxe Manual


Singer Start 1306


Singer Home Use Electric


Singer Merritt 1409


Singer SDL 121512187 Multi stitch


Singer Ladies Use Electric


Singer 8280 Automatic


Singer Tradition 2250


Singer Simple Electric


Singer Talent 3321


Singer Brilliance 6180


Singer Curvy 8770


Singer Future XL Computerised Sewing


Of course, this list is not exclusive. There may be other models in the market as well. These are the major ones available across all online stores.
A little about the history of sewing machines

Fabric and thread are used in sewing machines to put textiles together. First patent of the sewing machine was created through a diagram in 1790 by Thomas Saint. Inventors Elias Howe and Isaac Singer are credited with the invention of the sewing machine in the 1850s, as they improved the designs of the first sewing machines during this period.

The first people to purchase sewing machines were women, in the 1860s. Sewing machines are majorly used to create clothes, though some places they are also being used for textile items like toys, books and furnishings.

Types of stitches

Two major types of stitches are made by sewing machines- zigzag stitches and straight stitches. In general, the stitch is chosen as per the type of fabric, look and purpose of the stitch.
Singer sewing machine price, once it has been paid, provides the appliance which has been able to replace hand sewing over the years. The machine has significantly altered the way clothes are prepared due to cost as well as speed in making garments.  A woman need not sit at home and make clothes now, since ready-made clothes are available at good prices in different shops.

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How to Setup a Sewing Machine?

If you have bought the best sewing machine for yourself and are confused about how to set it up properly, your confusion is completely understandable. It’s understandable that you must be totally unaware about what all one should do in order to set up their sewing machine. As such, we have explained everything you need to know about setting up a sewing machine, one step at a time, so that you can do it all on your own.

Plug it

Pull out the cable and plug it inside the machine and then the socket. Keep the pedal on the floor and at a position where your foot could easily reach it whenever you sit on the chair for sewing. Do note that you have to keep your machine off during the whole procedure to avoid any accident.

Attach the Needle

If the needle is already attached, then you can ignore this part but usually, that’s not the case. So, to insert a needle, first put it in the hole and then twist the knob. Make sure you tighten up the knob completely, otherwise you will break the needle when the machine starts.

Attach Presser Foot

Presser foot is the surface under the needle that holds your fabric and guides the needle to stitch wherever you want to. Usually, there are different types of presser feet for various stitching styles but initially, you should choose the standard style. Once you have chosen the standard foot, raise the bar with the help of the lever on your right and insert the foot under the needle. After that, lower down the lever and your presser foot will be fixed.

These are the three steps you need to follow to setup your sewing machine. You can follow the same steps to setup your Singer embroidery machine with the help of Singer sewing machine accessories. Also, this method is for the standard machinery available in the market. So if you have bought a high-tech sewing machine with different features, it’s recommended to consult the dealer itself so that you don’t face any problem while setting it up. Most of the stores nowadays give you a demo on how to set it and even send an executive at home to set it up for you and teach you how to do it.

Benefits of Using the Right Kitchen Appliances

A typical morning in any household is about newspapers and breakfast. While getting ready for the activity of the day, it is important that the first meal of the day should be not only nutritive but also interesting. This is where appliances like the Singer toaster step in.


Delicious meals prepared in minutes

Appliances in the morning kitchen are very important. They help utilize time and energy well and thereby ensures that breakfast is served well in time. The flurry of activity around the kitchen with handy kitchen appliances makes for some delicious breakfast meals.

Smart cooking

Imagine a scene where the cooking needs some serious and quick blending. It is true that the same can be done manually, but if you have been smart enough to include a Singer hand blender in your battery of appliances, then it is a child’s play to do so. None of your precious time and energy is wasted and within seconds, you have your blender doing its job.

Say good bye to hasty troublesome mornings

A troublesome morning dotted with labour in the kitchen is hardly something that the homemaker wants. Instead, she looks for appliances that make her tasks simpler. It makes cooking fuss free and also makes sure that whether it is the child’s meal or the very important breakfast for the elders, everything is handled smoothly.

Get a healthy first meal of the day

For any person world over, it is important that the mornings begin correctly. Most vouch that a perfect morning tea keeps them going through the entire day. It gets them charged and makes for a wonderful start to the new day. The Singer kettle promises to provide just the same and optimizes resources to bring to the breakfast table the perfect tea for the members of the house.

Therefore, it goes without saying that smart appliances like the Singer toaster and kettle are very important for any homemaker. It is a boon especially when it comes to cooking quick and delicious breakfast items for a household.

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Equip Your Kitchen with these Appliances for a Perfect Breakfast Everyday

Your morning starts well whenever you have an excellent breakfast. With a hectic lifestyle and early mornings, it is hard to whip up a good breakfast since you are always on the go. You may think that making a scrumptious breakfast takes time, but that is, unfortunately, one of the biggest myths.

If you have the right tools, not only will making the breakfast become a faster job, you can also add a lot of variety to your first meal of the day. From a breakfast sandwich maker to a hand blender, some tools can help you cook that tasty meal in a jiffy. Let us look at three essential tools you must have in your kitchen to make the job of preparing breakfast a breeze.

Sandwich Maker:
The beauty of a sandwich maker is that you can literally make so many kinds of sandwiches with them. Healthy sandwiches, juicy sandwiches, even sweet sandwiches, everything, is possible if you have a sandwich maker in handy. And you do not need anything fancy here. Just a good quality Singer Sandwich Maker that lasts long can do the job for you.


Hand Blender:
No breakfast is complete without a tall glass of juice, and considering the use of pesticide and chemicals in the juices you get in the market, it makes sense to make your own, freshly blended juice! Not just juice, you can make a frothy cup of cappuccino or milkshakes if you just know a few tricks.


For most of us, it is almost impossible to start our day with a cup of coffee or tea. When time is against you in the morning, a kettle can come in very handy to give you a perfect cup of coffee or tea. Just keep some nice coffee or tea bags handy to make that perfect cup of strong Americano or Tea.


When you have basic appliances like Singer Sandwich maker or Kettle at home, you do not have to worry about having a boring, unappetizing breakfast anymore. Easy to make and delicious to eat!

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5 Home and Kitchen Appliances to Beat the Chill

Ice-cold water, chilly rooms, food turning cold within minutes and shivers down your body; winter typically comprises all these scenarios and more. To ensure that you have pleasant and comfy winters, here’s a list of 5 kitchen and home appliances that you should buy to stave off cold.hc30tRoom Heater: Heaters play a crucial role in keeping the room, and subsequently your bodies warm during bitter cold. Fan-based, oil-based, halogens etc. are some of the types of heaters that one can buy. Among these, fan heaters and halogen heaters are the most preferred types. These are not only compact and easy-to-carry, but also very quick when it comes to making your room warm and cozy. Electric heaters work on the thermostatic heat control technology. On the other hand, halogen heaters have either halogen element or propane/butane conductors. When the air passes through the heater, the resultant hot air gets circulated in the surrounding area.

In order to ensure that the room-heater is well-fitted with all the safety equipment, buy it from a reputed brand, for e.g. Singer room-heater.

Electric Kettle

During winters, most of us don’t like leaving the comfort and warmth inside the quilt to do small chores. An electric kettle comes handy in such a case. Just plug it in a power outlet and you will get hot water instantly. That’s not all! Apart from hot water, tea and coffee; electric kettle can also be used to make instant noodles, soup, boil eggs etc., without stepping out of your warm and cushy room.

Water Heater

Think about a hot water bath after coming back from a hectic day and long commute in icy cold weather. Isn’t it going to be relaxing and rejuvenating? A quality water heater is essential to make your winters comfortable and enjoyable. Requirement of hot or warm water is not limited to bathing, but also for other household chores such as washing clothes or utensils, mopping the floor etc. Repeated use of cold water during winters may aggravate some health problems such as sinus, fever, cough-and-cold etc. and might leave you with numb hands and feet.

Coffee Machine

Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte or coffee with dollops of dark chocolate sauce, whichever of these you like; a coffee machine is crucial to enrich your experience of sipping coffee. Along with helping you to start your day on a refreshing note, coffee-maker makes it easier for you to experiment and come up with your own coffee-shop style creations.

Sandwich Maker

Most of us would agree on the fact that winters tend to make us laid-back and lazy. Getting up in the morning to prepare breakfast, getting ready for office or college etc.; everything seems like a task on a frigid winter morning. In such a case, appliances like sandwich makers are a boon. It takes merely 5-7 minutes to prepare delicious grilled sandwiches using a sandwich maker.

Which home appliance are you going to buy this winter? Start the discussion now.

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Buying Sewing Machine Accessories Online in India – Both Affordable and Convenient

Regular users of sewing machines in India no more need to hop stores and super markets for buying sewing machine accessories. You can now easily choose and order from an array of sewing machine accessories online in India. Buying online is not only convenient, but also affordable and allows you to get high quality branded sewing machine accessories at competitive prices.


Some of the most frequently purchased sewing machine accessories include scissors, needles, and lubricating oil. Several reputed brands are now offering these accessories online at highly affordable prices. For instance, Singer sewing machine accessories can be easily purchased online through the official Singer India Website.

Singer India website serves as a one-stop-shop for all your sewing machine accessories needs. You can find durable needles, high quality sewing machine lubrication oil, and also superior quality ice tempered stainless steel scissors with zinc alloy / premium quality plastic handles. One only needs to meet the minimum purchase order amount to buy Singer sewing machine accessories online in India.

What all accessories can be bought online?

Needles – You need to use rust-free, quality needles with your sewing machine. Only reputed brands can provide such high quality needles.

Lubrication oil – Sewing machines need to be lubricated regularly in order to function smoothly. By using premium quality sewing machine oil, you can ensure to have a great sewing experience on your machine.

Scissors – Scissors of different sizes are needed during sewing. Most leading brands offer scissors in all required sizes to meet the needs of people who love to sew.

People using branded sewing machines are always advised to use branded sewing machine accessories for a hassle free sewing experience. Branded accessories may not always be readily available at local stores. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to order them online. Some also order the accessories while purchasing the sewing machine itself in order to have everything delivered at the doorstep.

If you love sewing and are a regular user of sewing machine for meeting your personal or professional sewing needs, make sure to choose only quality sewing machine accessories from reputed brands.

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How Do You Find The Right Sewing Machine?

Now, there are several men and women who depend on sewing either as a source of income or a means of entertainment for their idle hours. Either way, there are many who consider sewing to be one of the most soothing hobbies. The act of sewing, whether creating something beautiful out of fabric or even mending something is quite a healing process.

Whatever your purpose may be, sewing machines are home appliances which can prove to be useful in multiple ways and are value for money. However it may be, it is necessary you find the right machine for all of your requirements. But, how do you actually make the decision to buy the machine which not only fits the space which it was bought for but falls in line with all the needs which we bought it for.

To buy the right sewing machine will mean not just big help in bettering your sewing skills but also that the act itself will become much easier. Thinking of buying a new sewing machine or finally buying one after much thought? Then, there are things which you should consider before settling on just about any machine, for example, any of the Singer sewing machine models.

Let’s take a look at some of these features:

Brand- There are a number of brands which sell sewing machines in India including Singer India, Usha etc. While there are several vintage brands which used metal to manufacture their sewing machines, nowadays, companies manufacture lightweight components and machines which are not only easy to shift but some of them are even portable.

Features- We understand that you as a customer want to buy the best product available in the market with the most advanced features. But, it is necessary you find a balance between the basic model which you may quickly outgrow and overspending on a complicated model which may not be the latest at all times.

Find a machine according to your individual requirement.

Cost- Sewing machines don’t come cheap. While all brands make the same machine, certain machines trump the others in what they do. This is the reason you should buy machines such as the Singer models available at affordable prices with quality service.

Check out for example, zig-zag sewing machine price in India. Consider all these points and find a good sewing machine. Choose from the numerous Singer India machine models.

Please leave a comment below.

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Sewing Units: Empowering Women Through Skill Building

Women empowerment is one of the leading movements in India spearheaded by the government and several non-profit organizations together. In our country, women have not only had to face discrimination and inequality but they have often been left with no sources to fend for themselves.

This is largely due to a lack of formal education, inability to gain exposure to the modern world and the constraint of women in many cases to only doing household chores.


It was understood that in order to empower women, it was necessary to give them either formal education or some form of vocational training. Only such steps would help elevate their status in society as they would then become earning members of the nation and be able to fend for themselves. In many cases, women were either past the age of receiving formal education or had too many familial responsibilities to undertake such a massive task.

In such a situation, the development of vocational skills in women was imperative. Many women, especially those in rural areas were given opportunities to develop several skills which they either were interested in or already knew the basics of.

The solution and how it helped

Sewing units were one of the major solutions that organizations could finalize upon. Many women already possessed sewing and embroidery skills or were interested in learning. So, sewing units were thought of as a viable solution.

Several units were set up with industrial sewing machines in India in order to train women as well as allow them to make a profit out of what they make. Several businesses have also begun to outsource their designing and sewing needs to such units.

There are also organizations which source only from such units run for the empowerment of women and in order to build both their confidence as well as make them financially independent. This allows them to have a regular source of income without having to worry about wandering too far off their comfort levels.

Sewing Units and the advantages

Several reputed organizations and corporate have begun to contribute to such initiatives. We, at Singer India too, well known for our quality industrial sewing machines in India as well as Singer sewing machine accessories have set up such units for the empowerment of women.

These units then also allow these women to work without having to worry about their children as there are daycare facilities as well.

Women earn with all their limitations expunged; a whole world now open for them.

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