Singer Sewing Machine- Electric Singer AJ256959 Model 128

Singer has always been a popular sewing machine manufacturer. While the company now offers an extensive range of electric sewing machine in India, its vintage models are also great for someone looking for a classy, solid machine. This post will talk about one such model- Electric Singer AH256959 Model 128.

Singer is one of the most popular sewing machine manufacturers in India. The company has been manufacturing sewing machines for several years and offers an extensive range of models for professionals and hobbyists. While the electric sewing machine price in India has fallen considerably in the past decade, several hobbyists still prefer using the older models from the brand.

If you are searching for a classic electric machine from the brand, Electric Singer AJ256959 Model 128 from the 1950s can be a great option. While Singer doesn’t sell these vintage models anymore, there are online platforms where you buy them from other users.


The machine comes pre-fitted with an add-on motor, solid hand wheel, spotlight, and can be mounted in a portable case. Like the classy machines from Singer, this machine too, has a flat black finish to put off shine and reflection.

It comes with the original bentwood case and a green box with needles, attachments, accessories, bobbins and a screwdriver. You can also lock the case of the machine with the included key. It functions flawlessly and would be a perfect pick for any hobbyist who loves working on the classy, solid electric sewing machine in India.

Relive the Past

Sewing is a lot more than just a hobby for a lot of people, especially people who have been sewing for several years. Many of these hobbyists prefer using the classic vintage models as compared to the modern machines as it allows them to relive the past. If you are one such hobbyist, this Electric Singer AJ256959 Model 128 from the 1950s is definitely an excellent choice.

While sewing has gone through a lot of progressive changes in the recent past, this machine by Singer is undoubtedly a prized jewel if you can get hands on one. Or you can look for Artisan Machines from the brand too.

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